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July 11, 2012


kris (lower case)

holy fucking jesus.. 8 days to learn that kind of crap.. i think not. i know not for me as i am stupid and i am the first to admit it. dumb, stupid, none too bright.. and i can't spell for shit either.. and i refuse to ever worry about capitalizing... ever..


I'm horrified, not just by the pace of the class, but by its total lack of practicality to what you will be teaching. ARGGGHH! And the "sheeps," oh, dear. I am always catching admin making grammar/spelling mistakes. I cringe when they use myself constantly when they should just say ME. There are reflexive verbs that one does to oneself(evil laugh) but talking to or contacting so and so or MYSELF. Just ridiculous.


You're back! My life just got a whoooole lot better. :)


I have quite a few teacher friends, and you, Mary, are the smartest. I won't say the others are dumb, but I cringe at their Facebook grammar, and I wonder if they are those teachers like the ones I had, where I'm 15 years old and sitting in class wondering why I'm smarter than my teacher. Come on, teachers, represent!

I love algebra - it's how my brain works. Every day, in every way, I'm solving for x. Enjoy your class, and let me enjoy it vicariously through you.


I love comment #3 (hgh ad in case it's been deleted) :-)

I dislike math intensely. Numbers are boring. I took an adult ed algebra class once because I thought maybe I just had bad teachers or they discriminated against girls or something, and lack of math was holding me back from some true calling. Nope, just hate working with numbers.

Re: typos - Just saw an online ad for Mercy Hospital that said "At Merchy Hospital" OMG, everybody needs to hire me to proofread.


So here's a Reader's Digest funny for ya:


Because my tenth grade math class had difficulty solving an algebra problem, I went to the blackboard to demonstrate how it was done. The solution required many steps, but finally we arrived at the answer: X = 0.

One of my students complained, "You mean to tell me we did all that work for nothing?"


I love math. Heck I was a CPA for awhile. However, it's been (mumble mumble) years since I took algebra and it sure as hell would take me more than 8 days to properly remember how to do most everything in an algebra class. Bleh.


Sucker punched, you were.
Do you think ANYONE would've signed up had they listed it with "Cram 22 days of math into Each and Every Mind-Numbing Fucking Day!
I hope you are getting plenty of credit for this class as hell, drop it if you are not.
I would get up and go all Ross Perot Pie Chart on your PolyPainintheAss Presentation. Don't forget your pointer!

robin andrea

I think it's great that you're taking this class. I loved algebra. I just can't remember how to do it anymore. For me X= please tell me the answer!


Sheeps??? WTF? I'm allergic to algebra.

Susan Harris

Anybody who knows to use "myriad" as an adjective, like you did, is a genius in my book. Or at least as anal about that shit as I am.


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