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July 09, 2012



We missed you! My bike's name is Betty.


Good Grief!!!! You updated - I'm off to read your words!!!!!


Can't wait to see you on an episode of "DOOMSDAY PREPPERS ". Missed your witty wisdomy wordsmithin'.


Thought "Doomsday Preppers" was a joke. Thank you Google. Here in So. Cal. you get the ticket because we are broke. Thanks for updating and have fun with Christine!


What a lot of news!
Good to hear from you and bravo on the new job.

robin andrea

Good to see a post here. Nice new bike!

kris (lower case)

christine...like stephen kings christine??? better watch out.. how is it i check every day for 2+ months and the day i don't check you post?? guess that is the way it always is.. hope your new teaching job is fun. at least it is something new and different..


So glad to have your funny self back. I've been somewhat worried. I don't have a bike and if I did, I would fall off and break something. The weather has been perfect here lately, although we did have a nighttime thunder/lightning/rain storm. I do like a PNW summer of 80 degrees!


Thank you. I hate not knowing, and imagining all sorts of 'things '


Congrats on the new job!! Change is good. How is the commute? I guess that is an important thing to me.


Some great teacher news there! And the BIKE, she is beautiful. If I had a bike, which I have not for 30 years, I would name her Penny. All my bikes have been named Penny, after Sky King's niece, Penny. Now you KNOW I'm old! Thanks for updating your loyal followers.
Saving the next post for the weekend, SINCE WE HAVE TO RATION THEM!

Beth Ann

So glad you are back. Nice to hear that you got a new job that you are excited about. I am set to student teach in Sept (Special Ed) and I'm beginning to think I made a terrible mistake. Don't tell anyone.
Good luck with the new job and enjoy the rest of your summer.

liz michalski

1) I am sorry about your bike.

2) I'm happy you have a new, exciting job, although I'll miss hearing about your former pupils.

3) I am ENORMOUSLY jealous that you and Jane met up.

(I will not be commenting on the math post, except to say -- SHEEPS???)

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