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July 15, 2012



This video is adorable, I actually started getting teary eyed! I love how Edgar and Joelle's outfits match, with the scarves and your MIL's shoes.


Cute video! You look skinny!


As far as I'm concerned, you didn't do this with Rosie because you were still

It's too late for you now, luckily for Edgar.


Gawd, poodles are smart dogs.
Funny looking, but smart.
That video was delightful.
Doggy diapers ... I had no idea.


Doggie diapers--wow! I never knew that. Loved the dance and your hair color is beautiful. Is it new?

kris (lower case)

you know boy dogs that only have pee issues can wear 'belly bands'.. lots of breeders use them because their dogs mark in the house. it is nice that you are caring for edgar and don't just dumb him as so many people do to their parents dogs when they have to deal with them after the parents can not do i anymore. you would not believe how many people think it is perfectly ok to dumb and old dog who has been a great pet to someone in the pound because they can not be bothered to care for the animal. makes me want to hurt people that do shit like that. you are a good person.

Cathy S.

Who knew? Diapers for dogs. Do they make them in Doberman size?

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So great that you posted that video. That's perfect! Selectively disobedient...ain't that the truth!


Had to kinda laugh....when we were in Okinawa back in the early '70s and our adopted doggie went into heat, we put a real baby diaper on her. Hey, whatever works. (Unfortunately, did not keep her from having 6 puppies, but I digress.) Adorable video and enjoyed watching you MIL having so much fun. It was quite endearing!


Such a great video of a great team!


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