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July 26, 2012



Sorry to hear about your future son-in-law. I hope recovery is swift.

For Edgar, have you tried a wrap? http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=22906&cmpid=01csegpl&ref=6111&subref=AA&CAWELAID=743635388&cagpspn=pla

There are a couple of dogs in the family that use them and they seem to work pretty well. They're used with disposable liners that can be tossed if there's an accident.


Dang--it sounded so calm and peaceful there until the medical emergency. Due to my situation, I don't blink an eye now when we have to traipse off to the ER. Sadly. Hope you're getting some nice weather. I'm pretty good at word games, but a few friends and my older daughter can kick my butt!!

Liza Lee Miller

I'll play Scrabble with you, Mary. Everyone who plays with me ends up feeling REALLY good about their Scrabble abilities . . . and, if you don't, then maybe it will help ME feel good about my abilities. Which I currently don't! :)

If all else fails, Draw Something is much more fun!


I'd play Scramble or Scrabble!
Oh, please!?
I suck at Scramble and if you email me I'll send you my screen name.
(I only play on the train rides!)


Josh and Nate are the BEST! Speaks volumes, even before you realize that Nate has allowed Future FIL to consult on the purchase of the eyeglass frames.

This photo is an absolute treasure! And the blog entry going up TODAY is like balm for my soul. Thx.


It's good to have a hand flapper around when things go bad. That boggle playing photo is artsy!

kris (lower case)


bellybands.. works better than diapers on a male dog.

Cathy S.

Sigh. Things have really changed, haven't they? Glad to hear you take it all in stride. Nate sounds like a keeper. You know they tell young men to check out the future mother in law as a preview of what they will eventually get. Must mean you are a keeper, too.

robin andrea

Hope you future SIL is feeling better. Burns are so freakin' painful. And also hope everyone has a grand time on this beach vacation!


Do your towels actually dry when hung out on the balcony like that? Down here on the Texas coast the air is so damp that it seems like nothing--especially wet towels--ever really get dry outside.


Hello???? How about an up date, please.

kris (lower case)

must have been a heck of a vacation!! still recovering are you..

kris (lower case)

so, can you at least put a different picture up so i can pretend you updated?

Elizabeth Lopez

Playing Boggle with other family members is in fact a very nice idea to bond. Every vacation we used to play Frisbee at the beach and a great exercise indeed.

Elizabeth Lopez

Playing Boggle with other family members is in fact a very nice idea to bond. Every vacation we used to play Frisbee at the beach and a great exercise indeed.

kris (bitch aka lowercase)

ok..you missed all of august and now you are going to miss all of september.. and sorry.. facebook does not count...


To bad the dogie diapers didn't work. My mom wanted to do this with our dog but figured she would just bite it off. Poor guy I hope his burns are getting better.


How about a few words telling us you're O:K.


Yes, please.


Okay...I really miss you!!!


I'm just about to remove your site from my favourites, because I guess you're not posting any more, but I wanted to say goodbye and good luck. I don't think I've ever commented before, but I've been reading for a long time. As a fellow teacher, and parent of older "children", I enjoyed your writing and a glimpse into the life of an American family. Thanks.


Switching browsers and choosing who gets to come along for the ride. Hoping beyond hope that you'll come back, yer coming with me.


Mary! :) Happy belated anniversary. Hope you let the sake do it's "thang".




Miss you too.


Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

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