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May 10, 2012



Happy for you , Josh, the kids, and the Mom. You are a LOVE, in all areas of your life.

the bee

You are the nicest person ever. I am glad the kids are safe and they seem pretty happy.
I cannot imagine my perfect day including even a half hearted hike. That will never happen. The next story needs to end w/ ice cream and a hammock. Let me have that just once.


Lovely post, Miz. :)


You mean you DIDN'T let Holly Bible Boy drive the van? A cold drink is one thing, but driving - whoa! You'd really be the cool grown-up then.


I LOVED reading about that family!
I LOVE that the kids' hair is still many colored!
But mostly I love that you are back in touch with them and that this time, they are faring well. I hope it continues.
Perfect date for you and Josh.

liz michalski

I have often wondered about those kids. Thank you for letting us know. I wish teachers like you had the salaries of pro baseball players, you know?

Pam J.

Such a nice story. What kind of work do you think the mother is looking for? How's her English, does she drive, does she have a green card? Cloverly is just 4 miles up the road from me.


I love that you go above and beyond what MOST people think teachers do. You are so caring. I am too, but my students are older, so I wait until they graduate and treat them to coffee.


Big hearted girl.


You are such a cool teacher. These kids are going to remember you forever!


Sounds like a great time was had by all. Except HBB who just wanted to take a van on a little test drive. ;)


All the other parts of your day were grand and what we've come to know and love about you but I like the idea of you and Josh sitting in the theater watching the Avengers together most of all.


Any updates? Everything ok?


Summa cum laude, Miz S!

You remind me of Marva Collins - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6litjmzxI0.

kris (lower case)

ok.. let us know things are ok...

kris (lower case)

don't make me use the guilt again... you know what i mean...


I'm wondering too


Cathy S.

Anybody home? I need some help. We are going to stay with oldest son for a week in July on the beautiful beach where he works. We will stay in ranger housing and sleep on the pull out couch so it will not be luxury, but will be in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico which is a beach lovers dream. Except that since my disastrous skin cancer experience, beaches are now nightmares for me. Can you send me the website for your skin protective beachwear? Thanks, hope all is well. Cathy

the bee

we need an update !!!


Hello???? How about a quick update, please.

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