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April 29, 2012



The women talking out their window, hanging laundry, watching the hood! The color, in every sense of the word!
AND YOU SAW THE STORKS! I have watched them on live cams, nesting, incubating, birthing, etc. Truly magnificent.

I love that you INTERACTED WITH PEOPLE! Can't believe how many people don't try it, don't feel comfortable, or feel that "seeing" everything is more important.

Mostly, I love that you all went, took care of your OWN souls for a bit, smiled. And after the strong temptation NOT to, you came back! Thank you!


So good to see this post.


Welcome back Traveler Mary! I missed you!
Great photos and story. So glad you had fun.


I've heard wonderful things about Portugal, but have never been although I've skirted around it to France and Spain. :) It sounds low-key and just what you needed! xoxo


Oh, Mary.
I'm glad you've had some time away.
I've been thinking of you.


kris (lower case)

never feel guilty about traveling.. glad you are feeling better and hope things go well for you and your family.


You would've been #1 Nominee for a much-deserved trip, but you didn't wait for the vote - you went!
Love your descriptions. It sounds like heaven on earth. But, um, I kinda like my own washer. Do they hang their underpants out in the breeze for all the world to see, too? Or just square-ish items?
I would like to eat my way around the world. Me and the Bee - we could do that.


What a wonderful getaway! You deserve it, don't apologize!


Oh Portugal is on my list of places to visit in life. It sounds wonderful!


My partner's brother is going to Portugal on Wednesday. He loves it there - I've never been but plan to this year. Your photos are beautiful!

Nice to see this post, so glad you're taking time for yourself and got to have a well-earned rest. Your blog is great, keep writing.



Portugal is always a good excuse. So glad you had some fun!

Cathy S.

Wow! You never do things halfway do you? Glad you had a great trip. More pictures, please. Especially of the food and wine!

the bee

That looks fabulous ! I even love the storks but all the talk about walking has made me sleepy. You look fabulous in Europe !

liz michalski

So glad to see this post. So sorry there wasn't more sangria.


Aside from Margaret, I can't think of anyone who deserves a vacation more. Love the pics--so charming and colorful, especially you in your snappy, red coat.

Hope you write some more about your trip, with more pics!

robin andrea

Looks like it was a wonderful journey. I never travel so I do enjoy a vicarious adventure! Great pics.


Portugal looks absolutely adorable! I'm sure they love it when the gringos say that. I'm glad you went and had a fabulous time!


Ciconia ciconia are the ones that bring babies. Be careful.

The things you enjoyed on this trip are very similar to those we enjoyed during our time in Tuscany. I want to go back.


I am so in love with that b&b! It is now officially on The List.

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