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August 04, 2011



"Summer is so fleet of foot"-I like that turn of phrase, it certainly does go fast. This summer I have been spending a lot more time outside, and it really agrees with me. We just spend 4 days scouting a prospective college campus for my daughter, she loved it and will hopefully be going there when the time comes. We usually take vacations in the winter, when we need a break from the dark and cold, but a beach vacation right now sounds awfully nice. Hope you are having a great time!


Native Americans, yo.

:D <3


Thanks for allowing us into your interesting life.
Great, beautiful pictures.
Ah...the beach


Oh, Josh. Ha.

Time goes by so fast that it is downright scary. We have yet to get out of Dodge, so same ole stuff here. Lots of dr appt's for myself and for Mom, delayed eye surgery for Mom which means she keeps pushing back my sister coming up to "help" (lmao, yeah right), blow-ups about siblings in reference to that, husband bought a motorcycle, so hellaciously hot that noone wants to be outside. The end. Oh, and my last official Friday off for the summer is tomorrow and then it's back to 5-day work weeks. THERE HAS BEEN NO SUMMER!!!!!

(Loved your photos and your kick-ass pedaling!)


Jealous of you at the beach when I have to go on a family vacation to MT(to scatter my MIL's ashes) and hopefully not spend too much time around my arrogant and annoying BIL. Pretty soon we'll be bitching about school when we have time or aren't too tired or cranky. I'm cranky even thinking about it.

Cathy S.

I know what you mean about being reluctant to admit you have had a marvelous vacation and then, a second one. Such blessings. I am embarrassed to say that tomorrow I leave for another wonderful vacation. This time to North Carolina where I will see our mutual blogging friend and promise to give her a kick in the butt for not posting for two months. I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach. Send us a picture of you in that fancy skin cancer preventative bathing suit.

the bee

Your life is awesome ! All I did this summer was work. I live through your hilarious posts. Imagine how cold I would have to be to freeze my ass off. It would take decades. Or dickheads as one of our French friends once pronounced it.


"So now we are all up-to-date, yes? I swear, I will try harder to update this fucker in real time. I am exasperated with my lack of posting." I love that turn of phrase. I think I will borrow it. The piper and the statue were reason enough to fly to Idaho and bike that trail. Imagine those warriors on the beaches of Normandy!
( sunscreen those pretty exposed parts today)


It's hard to tell from a front view if Josh was accurate or not.

Cold in the summer. Huh? No wonder Idaho is full of crazy white people.

30 miles on a bike with no engine? Wow, and such a brisk pace.

Pam L

Well, you DID leave yourself W I D E open for that one from Josh, now didn't you! I mean he was filming after all, he had to say SOMETHING.. A funny something to boot!

And, funny sandpiper with the long funny neck. Must be they are funnier in Idaho.

Have much beach fun!


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