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May 06, 2011



There really does need to be someone in charge of Well-Timed Pet Deaths. I think there's easily a full-time position there.

Pam L

This is why I am resisting the "get another dog push" from the male folk in my family. The part where they get old and have trouble walking then get sick and making the big decision was so hard. And after a year of that with my Dad, I guess I'm not ready to deal yet. But they are so cute and loving and loyal and forgiving of inept pet owners (me) that it's hard to resist. Plus one would be awesome in my quest to rid us of the prairie dog invaders. And then I could make videos too!

Pickles & Dimes

Aw, what a sweetie! I love her!

We have a cat in a very similar situation: 16 years old with arthritis. The joint treats with glucosamine are wonderful, and when she doesn't eat, baby food saves us nearly every time. That and plain yogurt.


She is too sweet and cute. Have you tried putting chicken stock in with her food? When my last guy was old and sick, I'd dribble some on top of his kibble and he'd eat right up. Plus it seemed to help keep him hydrated.


If re-incarnation of for real, I wanna come back as one of your dogs - how sweet you are !


Okay. So, I'll pray for a perfectly timed dog passage.


Baby food, eh? Are her teeth bothering her? I would like to be more in control of any kind of shit in my life right now. Ugh.


Yep, baby food, and chicken and rice, great for geratric pets. My Cissy lou ate boiled chicken pretty much the last year of her life. Rice sometimes, she also loves steamed broccoli. If you feed baby food to cats make sure it doesn't have onions or onion poweder in it. Feed them what they will eat. They deserve it.


So happy my suggestion worked, and that April is enjoying her food again. It is so worrying when they stop eating. I am with Kate, if there is reincarnation, coming back as one of your dogs would be the way to go!


Oh, dear. I think the authorities in charge of dogs and old people should indeed give you a break.

Mr. Dusty's dog sister's kidneys are failing and the time is drawing near. Ugh. Its particularly hard because his parents are at a situation in life where they don't think it is a good idea to get another dog, but it has been many decades since they have lived without on.


So glad April is eating. Great news.

Good luck with the timing thing...ha! ;)


What kind of dog is April (or what is she a mixture of)? She looks similar to my dog, who I adopted from the shelter. I have no idea what mix of breeds she is, but she has the same fur type, coloring and walks the same way as April.

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