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July 18, 2010



You could always cut several squares from the wallpaper and have a series of smaller prints to hang up, if you want multiple sections of it. Also: that is the best wallpaper ever. I love it.

And for a half-second, I thought the picture of Evangeline was one of YOU in the dress. I was all super-excited to see the white patent leather mary janes being rocked. Woe was me.

Pam  L

At least there were some fun finds for the difficult task you are facing. ;part of me is excited to do this at my Dad's this fall, part of me dreads it. But I might find some cool things too. I wonder what ever happened to my navy blue Nehru dress?

the bee

That shirt brought back memories for me as I has something just like it. The wallpaper? Awesome !
Yoiu really should have saved the pot smoking for a more appropriate time, like now. And the adorable E in the dress? Awesome. There are sure to be amazing posts after you survive this week.


I am in love with your pot-smoking blouse, and the contents of your hippie purse. I wonder if there's anything left at my mom's house that contains a crushed empty Marlboro pack? Probably.


OMG, the wallpaper, the WALLPAPER! I loved your description of the basement party room. We had a similar room at our old house in Silver Spring. It was a dark basement room, with black light and posters, and a bean bag chair or two. I can remember having exactly one party there, when I was 14 or 15. After that, I was more comfortable being someone else's guest, rather than worrying about the behavior of my own guests.

So much fun to see the old clothes, too. E. looks just delighted to be the recipient of her mom's cool stuff. (Is that a hash oil stain on your purse?)

Good luck with your parents' move, Mary. I'm hoping that they will learn to love their new place, just as my mom did!


Great memories of your wild youth--with the clothes and accessories to match. Ashley would be all over those things too!


I wish I had a dress like that (also that I was 20 years younger so I could wear it without being completely ridiculous). Also that wallpaper is awesome. Totally mod!


It seems like yesterday. I, too, had a dress like that only mine was blue with white polka dots but the same white collar and cuffs. And the same length!!

Alas, no pot smoking shirts, though.

Good luck with the move, dear Mary. I'll be thinking of you.


I had a dress similar to yours. White collar, but teal, hot pink and black geometric shapes. I loved that dress. I wore black patent leather 2" heel with a big gold buckle on the front. Ohhhh, my favorite outfit! I also had a purse similar to that. Thanks for the memories!


Amazing finds. The wallpaper is my fav. LOVE.

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