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July 10, 2010



I'm glad to see that Pushkin totally approves of the quilts and the doll bed. However, I'd hate to see the disappointment when he realizes he must ultimately choose one or the other, since there is no doll bed quilt. The poor guy! Whatever will he do?? The suspense, it is killing me.




You are so industrious that I'm feeling very guilty for my utter sloth. Wow!! Pushkin is indeed a handsome boy.

Cathy S.

The historian in me wants to get my hands on those quilts and that doll bed. The daughter in me cringes at the task before you and the one that will some day come to me. I am glad that your parents agreed to assisted living. That will take a burden off you and your siblings. They did agree, didn't they? Oh, boy, have I stuck my foot in my mouth, because I know someday getting my dad into assisted living will be worse than combing through all my mom's junk.


pssst ... give your sister the quilts with cat hair all over them.

Your DOGs are so CUTE.

Take time to have a little fun.

Just a little.

Now I must get back to house painting.

the bee

I am so jealous of the doll bed and quilts. I love all things old and charming. I even found myself liking Pushkin's Cattitude towards the whole organization thing.When your parents see how nice assisted living is they will be fine.
I would go right now if I were old enough because I am tired. Remember, a nice meal is coming ....


I am following your experiences with interest and my sinking heart is floating a little today as I see that you still have a sense of humour!!

Whilst the doctor indicated to my parents that my father might get back to a state whereby he can return home it is unlikely at the moment. And even if he does it won't take much to make living at home untenable so we will have to look at residential care for both of them. That day won't be pretty.

And we won't have such exciting finds as you have when we declutter the parents' place.

I don't envy your heat - I'm loving my winter.


Stuff. More stuff. The stuffing of our lives. I no longer like any stuff and we're about to take delivery on two moving trucks full of stuff I haven't seen in two years, can't remember what it was and no longer want. The only things I want now are my husband, kids and the two cats...

I'm glad your folks are making the move; it will be good once accomplished and they will find a new circle of friends and yet one more chapter in their lives.



P.S. I notice FC didn't wax effusive about your beautiful Pushkin.


"organizational genius". You're such a good auntie.

I love that bed! As a kid I would have loved having it.

I can tell Pushkin totally cares about whether he's a good or bad cat!

Pam L

Who made all those quilts?
I am going to Upstate NY in the fall to go through the stuff in my Dad's house before it is sold. I do not plan to come home with much though. I don't have room for the china and glass, furniture etc. I have a few childhood mementos in mind but the rest can go to my sisters or be sold at the estate sale or however we do it.


I also was wondering who made the quilts....
I have a couple made by my Gma and love them, but such ugly colors! Ha.

Do NOT envy you the sorting through of a lifetime of stuff but you just may find some verrrrrry interesting things. Thankfully, my mom got everything sorted out, saved, pitched, and distributed most everything after my Dad died and she moved here. That's ONE job I don't have to take care of. Thank you, Mom!

Oh, the summer is flying by, isn't it?


Wow, good to see April looking so hearty and hale. Love live April!


Chip and siblings are also "doing" their parents' house this summer. A similar story, some discoveries, and a lot of drama. Will tell you when next we meet for dinner.... before school starts I hope!!

Good luck with the move. It will be one of the longest days of your life (done it three times now...)!


Hmmm...I kinda get the feelin' FC doesn't like cats.

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