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July 19, 2010



I think the just flat out lying approach is best to getting older difficult people to take psychiatric type meds. If I had any say in the matter my dad would be taking antianxiety medication, but he refuses to admit he has a problem and my mom won't agree to sprinkle Xanex in his coffee. Too bad for both of them...


I think it is undoubtedly a facet of the Alzheimer's, but what do I know? If it's always been a personality trait, maybe the stress of moving is bringing it out. Hope you can figure out some way(lie) to get her to take another medication to help with it.


Medical Marijuana.

the bee

That dress is just lovely and quite a treasure.
I think it was also an F/U to Aunt Betty which makes it more fun for me.
Ahhh, the rage, the rage is not good. I think you should tell your mom that the medication is to help strengthen her blood. They used that on grandma on an episode of the Waltons and I like it. Perhaps you could tell her it is for Spring Fever or Summer doldrums. ( again, the Waltons)
You are not alone though.. you know that.


That dress is GORGEOUS. I can't even fathom an 18 inch waist -heck, I think my THIGH is 18 inches around. Still: absolutely beautiful.


Nice textile.

Lie like a rug and get some psych meds for mom.


Do you think your mom's rage could be related to all the hubbub at the house right now? I've read that a lot of activity and unusual goings-on can be very stressful for those with dementia. I'm thinking, too, that if a bunch of relatives showed up to go through all my stuff, pack it up and haul it off, I might be a tad tense, even if I was outwardly agreeable. Maybe the combination of getting rid of stuff and the commotion of moving is too much for her. Is there a reason that it all has to be done at the same time? (oh, yeah. You told me. School.) I don't know if you could do it any differently, but in my mom's case, she moved out and slowly became accustomed to living without the stuff. When it came time to clean out her house, it was a lot easier because she had already lost the sentimental connection (not completely, though). She became a little more willing to part with stuff once it became a burden, something that had yet to be done, over the span of 18 months. Plus, I was able to do quite a bit of work on my own, and she was not there to get upset about it. I would involve her once in a while, so that she felt in control. Maybe you could postpone some of the cleaning out until after they get settled in to their new place, and take them back home once in a while to "help" you with the project. Maybe it would give your mom a sense of slow transition, rather than a hurry-up-and-move experience. Dunno. After I wrote all that, it does seem a little unrealistic. Keep your eyes on the prize.


Definitely sounds like a facet of Alzheimer's to me. My angelic aunt was downright mean to my uncle after she started showing systems. I've heard of people getting physically abusive.

I agree, you should probably start on the medicinal marijuana asap.


Sorry to hear about her ups and downs. That's hard for everyone.

I can totally see that dress with the black Dr. Martens steel toed boots. Those were the good old days.



The rage could be a little of both. Hang in there.


Wine, and lots of it. (For you, not your Mom...)


Let me know what he prescribes. I may need medication for my, what, pituitary gland function. And I want to know what your great grandmother wore under that lace dress- or you, for that matter. Other than the Doc Martins.


Denise. What Denise wore under it.

Cathy S.

Oh, that dress needs to be in a museum! How beautiful and how lucky you are to have it. And the memories. Keep thinking about the memories and how good they are as you move your folks. There will be more good ones in the future, just different ones.

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