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June 14, 2009



Hey, this was fun to read: the questions as well as the answers--but a little long. Too bad about the cheesecake. I just made a great one. You ran over a chipmunk? Oh dear!!

Miz S

Yeah, it is ridiculously long. Let's just say it makes up for all those days I posted nothing.


It wouldn't be near as interesting without your 'splaining.

Liza Lee Miller

Love it. You can visit my blog on Tuesday and see my answers.


Damn.....I would have had to answer "no" more than "yes" to most everything and that makes me sound boring, which I'm not, actually. Good for you to have so many yesses! It's always interesting to hear of someone's past discretions, heh heh, so I enjoyed your answers! Cannot, cannot believe you streaked! (That is so deserving of a whole entry...)


I love the details; it seems silly to just have people answer yes or no. Thank you for being a rebel! It's way more interesting that way.


I'm with Belle! More info, please.

Aren't chipmunks cute things with squeaky voices? How'd you run over one (not literally, I get that bit, but what was it doing?)

Are you relaxed yet? (well probably not if you ran over the chipmunk)


Hahaha. You funny.


The only one that really surprises me is that you've taken naked photos of yourself. That's hard to imagine since I would NEVER do that. Reading your list? Life is pretty rich sometimes.

the bee

i love this post.Naked pics even in my heyday? No. I have never been drunk even once. I am ashamed of that fact. I will go have cheesecake and make myself feel better.xx bee


I would have to answer yes to most of these.
Proving I'm a Leetle bit Olde and a Lot stoopid.

Sorry about April and the thunderstorms. But I have a dog who Will Not Go Outside thunderstorms or no, unless bribed! Even when he REALLY has to go. Because we are inside and he's N.E.E.D.Y.
Yup, I've ruined yet another dog.


Hee hee, Josh got 86ed!

April's expression in the photos is always so sweet. Part-way between shy and kinda sorta embarrased. As in, oh please, don't go to any trouble on my account.


I just have to tell you that year ago my sister got some Mexican Jumping Beans. SHe named them Michael, Sonny and Fredo.

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