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July 13, 2008



That Josh is a real renaissance kind of guy.

Liza Lee Miller

Congrats on coming in under on the $20 challenge. Wonder what you'll do with the beets -- LaurainNJ had a good recipe for beets -- she bought them too. Here's here url -- http://somewhereinnj.blogspot.com/.

Glad you survived the ElderCare Summit -- I don't think there's much of a way for anyone to come out a winner in a conversation like that.

Good luck keeping Josh off your blog! :)


Yeah, who is Lizzie marrying?
I burst into tears NUMEROUS times at ElderCare summit years ago "You can't die! I haven't sucked enough information out of you yet!", with my parents constantly trying to comfort me "Everybody dies! We have to talk about this!". Denial Much? Now that I want to do another summit, they won't do it. Gee, I wonder why?
Isn't it funny how parents relate tales of sibling's visits to their kids? Like we don't talk to each other - it's how we all got through adolescence.


Josh is not alone. I don't understand much about this whole marriage story line either. In fact, there are a bunch of comics right now that are confusing me.

Good luck with your parents. It's fab that they blame another sibling. ;) It's great that all the kids communicate with each other. That way you know what's going on!


I LOVE my CSA. I just go pick it up once a week and enjoy all the farm fresh goodness. It's already paid for and? I don't have to pick what to buy, I just take my share and go home.

I gave up on For Better or Worse when the dog died. I don't need that crap in the FUNNY papers. (Do they even call it that anymore? Funny papers.)


Oh, good job, Mary. Let me know what you do with those beets. Other than the cool color, I just don't get that root.

My youngest sister is up at Lost Loon Lodge this weekend so we just had a little phone confab about a half hour ago- ganged up on poor Bud to again reiterate that he needs to a)get his hearing aids tuned b) clean out the composting toilet- oh, I'll just go post about this. But it's a good thing that you and Tom went and started sticking down the rugs. I think after a number of those little lectures and gestures parents get the idea that they need to cooperate actively in their well being if they're going to try and stay put.


Beautiful job on the shopping challenge. Down and out with a headache this weekend. Well not all weekend. Did some truffle pushing Friday and yesterday morning but had nothing left to do shopping with. Now I have to take Keith on errands before delivering hiim back to his apartment.

That will wipe me the hell out before bedtime.

Good to hear about your conference. Me? Avoidance. Mom said she needs to get me and the boys over to go through things like, how to get in the safe and where the passwords and stuff like that all is, but hoo boy! I don't want anything to do with being the executor and that is what she has in mind for me. Leave that to the big boys who actually care who gets what and where things are going. As for elder care? Just try to get the blankets over my head. Just try.


Your cherries are ripe for double-entendre implications, Miz S.

It is never too late to begin a yoga practice for the old folks. Chairs, walls, blocks and bolsters help the elderly find sweet stretches, twists and healthy, supported inversions, bringing fresh, oxygenated blood to every cell of their bodies.

At breakfast this morning, Bruce nudged his way to my slice of moist cantaloupe and popped my cherry into his longing lips.

Miz S

Bonnie is out of control.


Liz is marrying Anthony, her boyfriend from high school (now divorced from his hateful first wife and complete with semi-resentful daughter). She was dragging her feet on making wedding plans, because "didn't want to rush into anything," but has accelerated her wedding due to the impending death of Grandpa Jim.

I need to get out more.

There is a hilarious blog called the Comics Curmudgeon that comments on the daily comics. It's at http://joshreads.com/ Enjoy!


I LOVE that comic strip but haven't read it for ages (don't get proper newspapers - have to read on the internet but that's another story!)

Do you (or Josh) know if there are bound books of this (like Peanuts and Far Side). Or a website. Or something.

Must fly ... running late for work (Monday bloody Monday) and Bonnie's comment has me all of a dither!


Lizzie's marrying her high school sweetheart. ;-)


all this talk of comic strips... hmmm. ;)

I love the cherries. And that Yoga Fanatic's comment about them. Hee.


So, are sour cherries sour?
Don't laugh, we can't grow any cherries down here. It's too hot (and moist, Bonnie) for the cherry clan.

Beets ...shudder.


Those cherries look gorgeous!


Bonnie, honey, mother of a passel of kids, your cherry is LONG gone.


Funniest. Comment. Thread. EVER.


Bonnie is being naughty! I actually went to our Farmers' Market but only bought candles! Without our kids home, we don't eat very much and I've been busy supporting our local restaurants. hee hee


“There was an old gal of Boulogne,
Who sang a most topical song,
It wasn't the words
Which frightened the birds,
But the horrible double-entendre.”

Jennifer @ The Cubicle's Backporch

I love how your mind works... parents parent parents COMIC STRIP! hee hee. And I had no idea that Lizzie was getting married. If he finds out who she's getting married to, do share. :)


Heidi, honey ~ There are many exhilarating and de-aging benefits that come from a daily yoga practice, not the least of which is the effect of the habit of locking one's root, or Mula Bandha. This strong lock is not only a great boon to one's cantaloupe and cherry presentation but also extremely helpful regarding homebirthing a "passel of kids."

Dearest Vick~
Great limerick!



That cracked me up so much about For Better for Worse. I laugh, but I myself have been finding that I now can't pass up reading Mark Trail. I don't know how it happened. Do not even let your eyes wander over to Mark Trail. There are bears, and dogs that save the day. It's highly addicting.

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