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February 13, 2014



This made me tear up. And also made me brace myself for the future.

Susie Sunshine

This is heartbreakingly beautifully told.

You are a good one, Mee-el.


I love your stories and the way you tell me, but this one really caught at my heart. (and tear ducts)

Cathy S.

Oh, Mee-el. So sweet and sad at the same time.


You are such a good daughter. (I know, I know, but really - you are) Thank you for your stories.


This is beautiful, Mary. You're such a good daughter to help her navigate what must be a scary place.


It is LOVE that happens during these times.


I look almost every day for new posts from you. And I am so happy when they come, but then sad too. You write beautifully about heartbreaking things.


Mee-el knows all (if only, huh?), and it certainly doesn't hurt to have the Virgin Mary on board, too. Oh, my...

robin andrea

Such a journey your mom is on. I'm so glad you checked that train schedule, although I suspect you'll always arrive right on time. Sigh.


This hit home. Thank you for writing. Heartbreaking and beautiful.
Take care.


I read the post. Then I read the comments. Now, I don't even think I'll need the glass of wine. You, Mary, and your friends, are more than enough for today.


How are you and yours ?

Miss you, and your stories.

miz s

Oh Margaret -- I haven't checked in on my blog in so long that I just saw your comment today! I'm fine. We're all fine. I have just been extremely busy and unmotivated to write about anything.

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