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December 31, 2011



What a good way to end the year. Congrats to your family!

Miz Robyn

I love wedding planning (that I don't have to do myself), I hope you'll share the details (and lots of pics) with us as it progresses. I am NOT EVEN KIDDING.

Happy New Year!


The engagement is wonderful, POSITIVE news--which we all need more of. I would love for Ashley to get engaged! (adore her sort of long term boyfriend) The photos are gorgeous.


*bursting into happy tears* Congratulations all around!!

Susie Sunshine

Yay!!! Congratulations!!!!

2012 is going to be better, I just feel it!

Cathy S.

Congratulations! Both to the happy couple and the in-laws to be. It is hard not to get sucked into wedding planning. I watched a whole season of "Say Yes to the Dress," and feel I am now qualified to run our son's and his fiancee's wedding. But, they don't want me to run it! AGH! I can give quiet, tactful advice, but don't tell them what to do. Oh, no, no, no. Sigh. Maybe I should get married again. To my husband, I mean. I could throw a big party and have lots of flowers and get a pretty dress and do it my way. And eat WEDDING CAKE! Nah. I'll just continue to poke my nose in their business. Happy Wedding planning!


Lovely news all around!
I'm so happy for you.


Pam L

So glad your world is brighter now. Walking is good, family is better, an engaged child, that you're excited about, the best! Happy 2012 to you & yours!


Gosh! I'm so happy for everyone concerned. What wonderful news! I hope you'll share all the planning details, etc.

Glad you had a happy holiday, Mary. You and Josh deserve it. It's nice to say goodbye to 2011 and to start 2012 on such a happy note.

Warm, good wishes to all.


Best news I've heard all year! Best looking family I'm seen all year! Best hopes for the future I've heard all year! I'm really happy to read this post, Mary. Happy New Year.


What a beautiful bunch of people!
I love this post. I love the joy.
Go YOU! ... and yours!

Pam J.

Lovely post! I too have a recently engaged daughter and it's such a huge development even though the actual marriage is at least a year in the future -- after grad school is done and a job is secured. (Doesn't that sound positively old-fashioned? and reasonable? what's with this younger generation anyway??) Congrats to all in your family, and I look forward to another year of following the ups and downs of your life.


How wonderful, you're the Mother of the Bride!!!!!!!!!!


What great news!! Congratulations to Evangeline and Nate, thanks for sharing this happy news.


Mary, Happy 2012 to you and your beautiful family!
Best Wishes and Congratulations to Evangeline and Nate! This post made me so happy!

the bee who hates stale cake

I am so happy for all of you and know this will be a great year. Shall I get the movie Father Of The Bride for Josh? I know that you will be amazing in laws. E will be beautiful and do it her way and you will cry and Josh will bring the humor. Mazel Tov and a happy marriage E and N.
Please do not serve white wedding cake. It is awful. I watch wedding shows and everyone always hates the stale white wedding cake.


Thankful to read such a happy post.

Blessings to all


Happy New Year!!

First off, I've been lurking for years. I love your blog.

I also have a favour to ask--if you don't mind (and if you do, no worries), but could you email me the picture of the trees against the blue sky you have posted on this blog? I'd love to print and frame it--it's just gorgeous.




Ah, Mary, what delightful news. I thought I had offered my congrats already but oops, guess not. And, yes, I am jealous, but happy for them and for you!

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