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October 30, 2011



Oh, the tears are flowing here too. So glad you can be there for him.

Pam L

I don't think anyone thinks you, or anyone, can be a saint on a daily basis. Who could? Even my own MIL was WAS a saint, had her moments, even though it never entailed raising her voice,ever. But I digress.
Most of us see your decision as saintly because many of us, myself included, perhaps, didn't, couldn't, wouldn't do the same thing, and maybe, like me, feel some guilt about that. Or maybe that's just me.


omg. That story brought tears to my eyes. And the message she wrote him. Gah.


Good stuff, missy. I'm glad y'all make a good team. :)


This makes me cry too...because I'm intimately familiar with that book, Le Petit Prince. It's all about people's effects on others, kindness, imagination and faith. A lovely allegory. I'm glad you're there too and doing OK with it. We enlisted every friend/family member we knew to help over at our other house when we needed to rent it. We also had estate sales/yard sales/dump runs galore. Get as many people on board as possible! It's quite a job.


Oh, Mary. I'm sitting here making a fekking Halloween costume with Youngest and I am sobbing.
Thanks for the catharsis...but, more importantly, I cannot possibly imagine uprooting my life and leaving my house to do what you are doing.

Want to come over for a whiskey?


Oh my goodness that made me cry. See, we're all crying for you since you had to hold it together. Aren't we nice? You're totally doing the right thing being there.

Cathy S.

This made me cry. But, then, I am emotional today. Back in Guatemala with my babies. Life is short. Despite no halo, you are still a saint in my book.

the bee

I think it is because so many of us cannot imagine doing what you and Josh are doing. Having said that, there will be moments like his b-day that let you know that you have done the right thing. I cannot imagine him alone in the house either. He was one of the lucky ones. He and Joell lived out a love story and I know his heart is broken. I saw it in my own grandfather. His Queen was gone. I have tears in my eyes for all good people like you and Josh and the whole family. I will help pack and I will bring wine.


Though I read this blog regularly, I don't comment on it so my comments will be taken as some crazy stalker but anyway...Saintly or not, you take care of your own in the best way you can. At the end of the day, that's all anyone can ask for.

Also, knowing that kind of connection can exist between two people gives me a little faith in the world.



My grandmother recently moved into an assisted living facility, and she's always saying things like "it WAS a good life". I just hope there's still some good life LEFT, you know?


Aw dammit. Give Pop-Pop a hug from this Wisconsin stranger. And slap yourself (not really - hug yourself) for making all of your bloggie friends cry. Love you, Mary.


More than a little guilt here, as I have hired a stranger to care for Mom in her home. And only part-time as Mom won't tolerate the intrusion on weekends, or before noon.
I promise that we siblings believed with all our hearts that this was a good and right move as we couldn't drag her into an ALF. The outcome, however is a woman more dependent, less active, and less motivated to do more than talk about getting stronger. Ya done good, Mary 'n Josh!




Whumph! That's the sound angel wings make when they pop out of your back.
You're doing a good thing here.


Lovely and uplifting news!

Now you can send me your new address...


So sweet! You are where you should be.


crying too hard to be clever. This is just plain sad.


Y'are so.


How are you and yours?
I've been praying.

Beth Ann

That is fantastic. I felt so happy for him when I read that...he has wonderful memories of a woman who loved him like a prince! You will never regret what you are doing now, for yourself or your husband. It sounds like your husband came from some pretty incredible parents. Lucky you.


Eh bien, je dois supporter la pr├ęsence de deux ou trois chenilles si je veux conna├«tre les papillons.

That was the sum total of what I remembered after years of French- and I found it tonight in that exact same book. Isn't it amazing how we can rise to just about any occasion when we put our mind and heart to it? You are being a wonderful family and I agree with Bonnie- this is really an uplifting post. Hang in there, hang on, sending love and supportive thoughts and as I always say, "POOR PUSHKIN!"


Dang. I thought I was gonna get through this day without crying.

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