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June 12, 2009



I talk about Abby all the time, too, so I'm in your club. Speaking of, she never poops in the rain. She might pee if she's about to die, but will never, no matter WHAT, take a poop if there is even one drop of rain within a twenty-mile radius. She will hold it until the rain stops, all the while I'm watching her like a hawk, waiting to pick her tootsie rolls off the carpet.

Liza Lee Miller

Well, it could be worse. She's stopped it now but a couple years ago Ruby decided that when it was raining, she'd just go on the living room rug. Lovely. (You are not alone in your talking of dogs-ness . . . and my kids are still little and do cute things! :) )


Getting the dogs to go out in the rain is a PITA. They don't respond to the asshole voice and are little enough to run away and hide. :(


My old dog, Molly used to do the same thing. The worst part was, if you raised your voice to her, she'd cower and show you her belly. It was awful to have to drag her outside to pee! I miss her, poor old girl. Best dog I ever had!

Our new puppy doesn't even seem to acknowledge the weather. It was hailing on him the other day and he was just moseying around the yard. Heh.


Heh-heh...like the title of your post.

Nah. You're not, because if you're not I'm not either and I aint (one of THOSE weirdos). Try rubbing her down with a fabric softener sheet when the thunderstorms come along, the static builds up in their coats and drives them crazy. It might not fix it completley but it might help her a little (or a lot).


Dude, did you see the lameness I posted today? Sometimes our pets are our sanity. ;-)


A fabric softener sheet? Don't you wonder how someone came up with that?

Couldn't you talk to the vet? Couldn't poor April get some doggie Xanax?
Even *I* feel a little bad for her.


You are not an eccentric middle aged woman-that would have to be me blogging about virtually nothing since my kids are out of the house!! But that crack about Seattle, now come on. We have much less rain than most other places, just more gray days. By the way, all of June so far has been warm and sunny. Don't ask me why. We could be in for a monster winter.


I heard if you put a t-shirt on a dog it calms them down. Must be like swaddling a baby. Our golden used to go nuts, wish I'd known this then and tried it on him.


Personally, I love pet posts. That's because my children also didn't stick around to entertain me. April is a sweetie, but this is the third post I've read about dogs being afraid of thunder. Having never owned a dog, I can only conclude that this is linked to their appetite for roadkill gene aka the stupid gene. I mean, into every dog's life some rain must fall, right?

It's good that patient and dedicated people such as yourself are teachers and I'm not. I would have walked out of that last meeting in about 3 seconds flat. Trying to balance those kids according to race, gender, skills and behavior- too many parameters. And if I had to take part in a race with a giant hole in the bottom of a leaking cup I'd have behavior problems, too. Probably kick and punch someone.

Say! I counted back six days. Are you through with the school year? If so congrats on another tough one, relax and enjoy.


Your pet stories are a million times funnier than anyone else's kid stories...keep writing them!


Funny thing is...I live in Seattle, and we haven't had rain in a month!


I love old dogs. Google "dog thunderphobia melatonin" We used melatonin on our old dog who was afraid of thunder and it took the edge off just enough so she could at least lie down and stick to one spot. She liked the bathroom. The dog never got crazy about trying to get in or out but I used to worry she'd give herself a stroke or something. Vet said she'd never heard of that, so I took some comfort in that.


Our cat runs and hides under the bed when there's a thunder storm. When Three was a kidlet he would run and jump into bed with us. Their bedrooms were at the other end of the house and if a clap of thunder woke me I would lie there and wait for a few seconds then, without fail ... thud, patter, patter, patter and a small body would launch under the covers and fall back asleep.

Hope the weather improves for you. Send some rain our way, if you wouldn't mind.

Cathy S.

We have a Doberman who is also afraid of storms. She tries to squeeze behind the toilet. Someday we are going to have a flood and it will not be because of rain, but because she pulled the toilet from the floor. I have been trying to train her to get in the bathtub instead, but it is not working.

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