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April 22, 2008



Sniffle, sniffle--you did me in too. What a gorgeous post and photo. It's exactly how I feel about memories of my kids. Alison hasn't learned to pick up stuff very well after herself either. Maybe someday.

Pam L

just wanted to say Awwwwww.....


Happy Birthday to you, E!!

Don't make me cry, Mary. My baby is going to be 21 next month. What happened to the time? Where did it go?

Pass the damn tissues and let's open a bottle of red and eat some chocolate cake in their honor.

Liza Lee Miller

Mothers are totally allowed maudlin birthday posts. It's our job. Happy You Had A Daughter Day! :) Your daughter reminds me a lot of mine . . . she is currently better at reading when she should be feeding the dog or almost anything else. Still, there are worse flaws! :)


Happy, Happy Birthday Evangeline. I hope Russia is treating you well. Perhaps Putin is baking a cake as I type. He does appreciate the lady-folk, I hear.


She is so beautiful! And sounds so much like Kel in so many ways. Happy Birthday, E! :D I hope she is enjoying her travels...

the bee

the bee remembers the day of her birth well. Her big blue eyes are amazing. I love that you are giving your whole attention in this picture. How fast the time goes.. I hope that her Russian hosts will celebrate her in a proper fashion . I hope life is always as good to her as her parents have been. Now I am teary eyed at work again.


Happy Birthday!!!

You made me sniffle. But I am a sucker for stuff like that, so you kinda aimed for my weak spot.


I love your girls, I really do. (I think you know how unusual that is.)

Happy happy day to dear Evangeline (or something close to that) -

please try to pick up your towels whilst in Russia.


с днем рождения, Evageline! I suspect there aren't too many kids who can say they celebrated their 21st in Zhivagoland!

My babies were 9 pounders, too, and they looked like they could already take on the world! Of course, they put mine next to the tiny wee ones in the nursery and they really just looked like big bad bruisers, but I was proud. Hee.

The passage of time? It's too early in the morning for me to get philosophical, but I hear ya.

Lovely post!


you should totally recreate that picture. outfits and all. it would be hilarious :) whereas back then it was just cute. i mean, it's still cute, but if you think about it, she would get quite a few many looks if she STILL dressed that way as a big girl.

were you one of those moms who let their kids dress themselves and pick out their own outfits? i love that Mickey D's commercial where the girl has on the tutu or whatever. my boyfriend says his kid would never be allowed in public dressed like that...oh, you just wait...

anyHOW, happy birthday, E!! enjoy the borscht!!


I know! How did 21 years fly by so fast? That is a great picture. My first born will be 22 in a few months and my baby is 18. How did that happen?


Happy birthday, Evangeline. I think I have a photograph of myself at about the same age on those very steps, with braids....and my Mom and a teddy bear of all things. On a very hot day. My parents used to take us to peace marches in DC for a good time.

You look just as beautiful today, Mary, and Evangeline grew even lovelier than she was then. You are a lucky mum.

Hannah was a nine pounder. I fear this next one will be bigger. Let's not talk about it anymore, okay?


Oh this post made me tear up and my son is only 5. Already I feel the time passing too quickly. Next thing I know he'll be 21. ACK, must stop thinking about this or will violate my no crying at the office policy.

On a happier note, Happy Birthday Evangeline!


"And just when I was getting the hang of the whole motherhood thing, just when she had learned to hang up the towel in the bathroom and put her dishes in the dishwasher, she up and left for college."

Now THAT? Is a paragraph! Blogtations is having a Motherhood Quote Contest, and if anyone deserves a $25 Amazon gift certificate, it's you, Miz S!


Happiest of birthdays to the wandering Evangeline!


Awwwww! That photo is priceless. Happiest of birthdays to your traveling girl. And congrats on the blogtations. :D


Did you really just win $25? I hope so.
You're going to need more tissues, after all.

Miz S

No. I didn't win $25. I think that it's a contest where people submit their favorite motherhood quotes, and Heidi was implying that someone should submit that quote so I could maybe win some money.


That is such an adorable picture! And there's even a white dove flying above you two! Happy Birthday Evangeline. We wished you happy birthday this evening at our dinner table. Now you can tell us how the Wodka is.


That is such a darling picture. You look just like Meryl Streep.

Happy Birthday to Evangeline.


No, I'm implying that YOU, Miz S, need to submit that quote to win. (I know, you don't like to toot your own horn. But keep thine eyes on the prize!) FYI, if anyone else submits it and it gets posted, it won't be entered into the contest. So get with it, woman!


Happy Birthday to you both!

I completely steeped in maudlin motherhood these days, so go ahead, indulge.


How I love this photo of a beautiful, dedicated mother and her adorable prodigy!

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