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January 26, 2008



AWWW--who could resist such a beautiful cat? Our kitty is always bad; she's mean, and temperamental. At times, she reminds me of myself. (or one of my teenage daughters)


You have a POND? A FROZEN POND?? *sigh* I envy you.

At least your cat didn't bring you back a present of recently deceased local wildlife. And I love the chant with the tin of cat food known to cat owners around the world.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Lovely photo, even if he is trouble! I'd tell you to get some rest, but it sounds like you're doing just that. :D

Liza Lee Miller

Rotten bad cat. But thanks for the image of you walking around the backyard calling him in your barefeet like a demented woman. It made me laugh! :)


Too funny. Fric and Frac sit at the door waiting for Poopy the Puppy to come in, but after they've felt the snow, they're content to just sit there and wait.

the bee

Natural causes? Love it. At least your cat comes back. My sister drives around her neighborhood until she finds her 2 dogs.
They would be wards of the state if they were mine.
I could sleep 24 hrs straight if anyone would let me. Is that bad?
Any news from our Russian correspondant ?


Goodness, I wish I had the heart to let my cat stay outside when he escaped to show him how awful it is outside. But I start freaking out that he'll get his by a car. Also, he doesn't hop fences, he cowers under parked cars. Poor kitty. Yours seems to have more spirit with the escape thing.

Thanks for the update!


He looks as though a sully teenager would. "Hell yeah I did it, and you're not going to do a damn thing about it."

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