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July 11, 2007



Oh, how I love her. Looooooove her. Her pictures have me smiling from the inside out. I'm very glad to hear all are settling in nicely.


A puppy that's under 3lbs and covered in ticks?! That's so sad. Good for the kids (ha! kids! can count the number of years older than them I am on one hand!) rescuing the puppy (and kitten!)

It's clearly too early for me to be leaving comments. (Nevermind, it's almost 11am. shit.)


You smooch those girls of yours extra next time you see them.
Our neighbors got a Westie via Rescue and he has diahhrea and skin rashes. I think both of your pooches may have IBS. Their dog cribs on grass, leaves, weird stuff (is crib a word for dogs, like when horses eat their pens?) and I swear it's for fiber in his diet. I know evening primrose oil is great for eczema in humans, but I don't know if you can give it to dogs.


Is that a child-sized chair? Because if not, your cat is ENORMOUS.

Love that Rosie! And April too, of course. What cuties.


It looks like and sounds like Rosie has quickly become part of the family. As you know, we adopted a stray cat, who is still anti-social but we're letting it hang around and eat.STRICTLY against the convenants of our neighborhood. HA!


With those sparkly eyes and doggy smile, Rosie is obviously a very happy dog.


That Jane is INSANE! Because your Rosie is too divine to need bows!

Missing April's mug... like I'll be missing yours in August. No guilt, just truth. However, it will mean more stories of sweet smart wee children, and that's a good thing.

As for your rebel rousers, breaking rules and taking in strays... wonder who they learned that from?? :D


How much is that doggie in the window?

Egret's Nest

Your new doglet is adorable. And, I'm glad she's doing so well. The "nervous stomach" could be just that -- adjusting to new life, new food, new conditions. But, it could also be adjusting to regular, rich food. Do you feed meals or have food readily available all day? I'm figuring meals since otherwise Rosie would be eating all the good rice and hamburger! :)

I'll email you my patented anti-"the runs" diet. It used to work wonders on my own nervous eating dog. And, won't hurt with whatever treatments Doc Trish recommends. :)


Sweet pics! Our doggie has somewhat of a sensitive stomach and can't chew rawhide (not pretty). We can't switch dog foods on him either (he eats Eukeneuba, however you spell that). But it sounds like Rosie's problem is worse. Good luck with that. She's a cutie!


I rescued some guineas from squallor. I'll pat myself on the back here in your comments. LOL

P.S. Were you serious about helping us get the precious cargo here from Pa?


Rosie is a doll. I'm so glad you are her new mama. You have the sweetest menagerie going on there, Mary!


Ahhhh, I want another puppy now. Rosie is so adorable. I hope her tummy problems clear up soon, for your sake as much as hers. My aunt and uncle are always rescuing strays. They are down to just 12 dogs and cats. They are all loved and well fed. Sometimes a little too well fed! ;~)


I have that same problem with ribbons in my hair. Too short.

The pup continues to look/sound like a winner and I'm really happy for you. Good job on the animal front.
The stone wall is perfectly fine, too- I like it. Bet all those rocks were heavy in the back of the car.

The only way to REALLY be a successful pusher is to not indulge yourself. Thanks again, Mary. I'll uninstall as soon as I hit the score posted below...


P.S. Oo-oo! I knit doggie sweaters! Well, I did one, for Newton the dachshund in St. Petersburg. I'll knit one for Rosie. Is she about the size she's going to be?

Much More Than A Mom

Rosie's freaking adorable! And way to go on raising those girls, mama!

the bee

I am starting to like animals now darn you. Those are really sweet.
Not put them in my pristine apt. sweet but sweet none the less.
Janet's dogs have weak stomachs and the vet informed her that they cannot tolerate beef. She boils chicken and rice and the problem is gone. YOur girls are so kind and caring . They take after the parents and grandparents. I wish I could like nature and all of the creatures that come with ....
I used to love the show Hodgepodge Lodge where the lady would bring the kids to a remote cabin to show them birds and ferrets and honeybees. I guess this is not a show that would play in 2007.
More pics please. I have walking pnumonia and I need cheering up that does not involve going out.
hugs. the bee


Poor Bee!

This calls for a restorative yoga class. I'll be right over with my blankets, straps, eye pillows, bolsters, and incense. Anybody else want to de-stress and de-age? I recently learned how to end restorative classes with, what my yoga guru called, the "Mac Daddy" of adjustments (soooo soothing and relaxing).

Perhaps Miz S can share what "Mac Daddy" means, as I cannot find it in my Funk and Wagnalls.

Bee well!

the bee

This is why we love Babette so. I have actually joined a yoga class thanks to her. Very enjoyable but right now I have to stay away from people because I have a cough that scares people. I have never had 1 cigarette and yet I sound like a 3 pack a day woman. Very Linda Ellerbee. I will drink tea, read Mr. Poppers penguins to my 2 yr old niece visiting from Kuwait and wait for Babette. Hurry, I live pretty far away . Miz S truly has the best readers.

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